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John Palcewski's Journal

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Islanders, Young & Old

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I am continously intrigued by the candids that you get--how do you get so close, unnoticed? Do you have a majorly zooming lens, or are you super sly, or both?

They're fantastic, of course.

The lens on my Nikon D-70 is an 18 to 70 mm zoom, no major telephoto capability there. Over the years I've learned to aim and shoot my subjects with the camera down at my side, and as I press the shutter I sometimes look in the other direction. Only rarely do I get caught. Last time was about four years ago, when a furious local dragged me to the Carabinieri headquarters in Forio and demanded I delete the shots. The officer was amused, but said he agreed that I should not have violated the man's privacy. So I deleted, and went on my way to violate other people's privacy. My argument always is that I do not intend to put anyone in a bad light. The human face is utterly fascinating to me, that's all.

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