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John Palcewski's Journal

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Yes or No?

When you take pictures of people in public is that a violation of their privacy? Some argue yes, others say no. Here, in Street Photography And Ethics, is a thorough examination of both sides of the issue.

Meanwhile, in the interest of balance and fairness I herewith provide you all with a blatant invasion of my own privacy. I made the image just an hour ago, in my bathtub. In this instance, obviously, I’m both the violator and the victim.

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, and what's interesting is that as the water poured into the tub it occurred to me it would be interesting were I to make it public.

Ooo, that tub looks much deeper than mine! (I have to stick a washcloth into the emergency drain, or else the water barely even covers my ankles!

A shallow bath is superior to no bath at all!

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