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John Palcewski's Journal

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Gesu Cristo!

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Watches over some of my posts too.

Fellini ironically denied La dolce vita was an ironic title, but he did admit to a pronounced disdain for the Church, and depicting the transportation of the plaster savior to The Vatican was about as ironic as one can get.

The anti-Church imagery in La Dolce was pervasive, but I missed most of it the first time I saw the movie, at 17. The statue and the kids faking the miracle were pretty obvious, but the more subtle things (like the dead fish and Anita Ekberg's costume in the Vatican scenes) escaped me for a some time.

When I was growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, in the 50s, I missed most of everything! But watching movies in the grand Warner theater was the ultimate escape. It was an amazing place and I believe they recently restored it.


Youngstown had one of the earliest instances of the restoration of a movie theater as a venue for live performances. The Warner became Powers Auditorium, home of the Youngstown Symphony, in 1969. Additional facilities have since been added, and the complex is now called the DeYor Center.

Cinema Treasures has a page for Powers Auditorium featuring links to a number of modern and historic photos in the comments.

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