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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Yin & Yang

Two women. One named Alicia. The other Zenia.

Alicia learns she was adopted, and is told her biological mother is a sweet old retired schoolteacher in Patterson, New Jersey.

Zenia learns she was adopted, and is told her biological mother is a world famous movie star who lives in a splendid villa in Switzerland.

Both Alicia and Zenia want to be recognized.

Now, everyone applauds Alicia. Yes, her desire is wholly understandable, and we wish her the best in contacting her mother, the sweet old retired schoolteacher. Maybe their story will have a happy ending.

But Zenia?

Whoa! She’s nothing but a charlatan, a money grubber, a gold digger. Her motive can only be MONEY. She should not be allowed to bother the world famous movie star. Where do these leeches and parasites come from, anyway?

That novel John has written about Zenia?

Forget it. Clearly it’s nothing but bogus propaganda, a shameless attempt to defraud the public and the star. The greedy creep is just the gold-digger’s cynical enabler, hoping to cash in on her lies. And by the way, what kind of name is Palcewski? Sounds foreign. Not really American. You know?

Sorry. Not for us.

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But... isn't Zenia the daughter of TWO movie stars? Or have I been reading the story wrong?

Anyway, it's all very interesting to see how the powerful maintain the Status Quo through this story, and how people who are supposed to remain unbiased, like the media, are the real enablers, helping those in charge hold everything in place, presumably for treats of their own.

I wonder what it would take to challenge them on equal ground, so that both sides had the same resources and could pitch their stories to the public with equal credibility?

Well, in the six or seven years of my investigation I've finally uncovered conclusive evidence the story is authentic in every respect, and it's in the novel. Yes, she's the daughter of TWO stars, but just one of them is still alive.

I'm very early in my marketing/pitching campaign, of the book (now entitled FELLINI'S ANGEL), so my LJ whine is quite premature. But what the hell, I can publish on it any damned thing I please!

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