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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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"...ones own ideal self, that which one is called to be, and
draws to the ascent of the levels of inner life..."

--In response to a post by seraphimsigrist

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Also very alchemical somehow isnt it
black white red and gold being the
colors if I remember from long ago
seminary days


in fact if it is ok (if it isnt it
may be too late but I will then remove
it) I think I will put
your image on my journal today
with credit of course.

if one writes quickly and doesnt always
have much to say, and one is me for sure,
it is a happy thing to have something good
to post!

somehow the image also suggests this userpic
of the firebird so why not use it...?

Edited at 2009-11-04 03:32 pm (UTC)

Please feel free to use the image in any way you wish. I'm happy that you found it of interest.

see my entry. I give your name
within the reference as it is on
your info page.
it will be a happy thing if you
also find something pleasing in today's
collaboration but in every case

Excellent. Molto gentile, as they say on the island. Your high praise is deeply appreciated.

Pleasing in this instance is an understatement, because I ran across your post not more than a half an hour after I made the image.

The discs in Kandinski and most especially in Klee's "limits of understanding" suddenly made me realize why I was so attracted this morning to my mug of steaming tea.

I've long believed that accidents are rare in photography. The decision to frame and press the shutter button is informed by the subconscious, and like dreams the resulting images have immense personal significance, which becomes apparent only later, upon examination.

Your quoted lines intensified the experience:

"...out of a complex of lines and shapes like a cluttered mind a ladder rises and reaches a limit. beyond which, as Jung notes, the symbol appears. a cricle of the acheived self beyond the limits
of thought."

Many thanks for providing the insight and subsequent understanding!

and thanks to you belatedly for
so many images given so freely on
your journal.
how is our deacon friend the maestro

Maestro, I'm sorry to say, has for a long time been experiencing a number of difficulties and has mostly fallen silent. Which is precisely what my Italian girlfriend Maria always does when things take a bad turn. Eventually he will come out of it, I'm sure.

I am forgetting his name
maybe I should write to him just
to say you know well we are here
and we remember you brother etc
maybe he needs an Italian girlfriend
named Maria of his own although that
is not very serious since I know
he is wed and it is just a bad joke from

I am sure he will be happy to hear from you, although as I say he may take a while to respond.

[Bad username: goldhands] Maestro’s name is Peppino Iacono, and here are a couple YouTube clips of him playing at an Ischian night club, as well as the Festival of St. Vito at the entrance of the church of Santa Maria d’ Loretto in Forio.



I find he is on facebook and I
have sent him a note there. he is:
Don Giuseppe Iacono

Re: I find him on facebook

Yes, of course, Don Guiseppe.

great youtube of him at nightclub
gold hands indeed!

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