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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Manhattan, 9 January 2010, Part One

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I like the light on the cars in the underpass. Though the rest of it is too reminiscent for me of London which I was glad to leave.

The guy in the bottom photo... what is going through his mind? And what is he holding? It looks like the base of an 80's TV stand... could he have left the TV back at the store?

You've such an eye for people.

Many thanks for your messages and for your interest in my work. The brightly-lit structure is the building that sits atop Grand Central Station, and directly behind it is the Met Life building, formerly the Pan Am. The view is from 57th Street and Park Avenue. I presume the brightness is the result of a recent cleaning, in addition to the position of the morning sun. BTW, how did you find my LJ??

You're welcome.

I was reading a friend's page and surfed into someone's journal and saw a comment you'd posted that interested me, so I came to visit.

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