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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Manhattan, 9 January 2010, Part Five

At Le Veau d’or, on East 60th Street, from left: Fr. David Kossey, priest of New York's Saint Mary Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church; Frank Palmer Purcell, known on LiveJournal as arisbe; the former Bishop of the Orthodox Church of Japan, +Seraphim ,also known as seraphimsigrist, and me.

We had just been to the Central Park Zoo to see the snow leopards and the tropical rain forest, and afterward we went to the Rubin Museum of Art to see the recently published “The Red Book,” by Carl Yung, a 9-pound, 416-page volume that costs only $195.

Following the Rubin, Fr. Kossey and I attended an organ recital at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Fifth Avenue at 52nd Street. John Scott, a veteran of 26 years as St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, is now St. Thomas’s Organist and Director of Music, and performed Symphony No. 1, by Louis Vierne.

Now I must say for the record that this encounter was among the most interesting and enriching I’ve had, either in New York or in Italy. The food at Le Veau d’or was pretty good too. Our waitress was totally charming, as you will see in some of the images below.

Also below the fold I have included a photographic study of Bishop Seraphim. We first met at the shoe department of Barneys, on Madison Avenue. Why there? A better question might well be, why not?

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at the intersection of what and huh

The bookstore I work in just got a copy of The Red Book, imagine my surprise to read about your sighting of a copy. Ok, maybe not that significant, just interesting to me in a serendipidous way.

Also, thank your for the lovely pictures and therefore taking us along on your delightful looking outing.

Re: at the intersection of what and huh

At the museum there was a bald headed guy in his mid-30s who was a Jungian psychiatrist and spoke at length to Seraphim, and we later concluded that all those mandalas and the stuff behind it meant that Jung was either a genius of the most profound kind, or merely crazy.

Re: at the intersection of what and huh

genius is its own kind of crazy, isn't it?

Re: at the intersection of what and huh

Exactly. Especialy from the point of view of "normal," i.e., non-genius people.

shoot John I guess with that photo
I cant deny I liked the waitress too!

Re: photographic evidence

Well I found her charming as well and if I hadn't already been spoken for I might have asked her to come into my darkroom and see what develops.

someone pointed out that the snow leopard
is also the "ounce" I do not think a group
of them is a pint necessarily but...ahem...
ok no rimshot for that or just one drumbeat.
but that reminded me of the book my father
worked on 'who's who in the zoo' that I
mentioned under the writers project
and likely this on the ounce is by him

I enjoyed your pictures of the Bishop

Thank you, glad I could share them with you.

I knew it, and for this reason I was waiting for the pictures of John... :) It's wonderful, magnificient! I am enjoying the Bishop's photos and I'm able to see him under another look, another point of view. John has his camera like a brush of a painter, he is able to paint with a shoot, and into that shoot you can see an intere chapter of a story, with all the nuances.
Ad Majora!
Sorry, I'd like to be with you, your smiles give me a lot of nostalgia. John, I miss you... I hope to see you again, soon, so I also hope to meet the other good friends of this expedition.

You know, my dear friend, at the table with these kind and interesting folks I thought of you, and how much you would have enjoyed being there. I'm glad I was able to share this fine encounter with you this way. I am hard at work peddling my books, and when I succeed I will have a grand Ischian reunion. If I'm lucky, She Who Must Be Obeyed will be at my side...I can see the three of us at a table at La Piazzetta!
(You know well that I've always been an optimist!)

I can say also that, Like John and
although we have not met yet, I thought
of you at table and indeed there was
a fifth chair...!
(as you see I have made a user pic
from the photograph of me looking
similar to the picture of a lemur)

nice to see faces with familiar names


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