John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

The Green Man

On one of my assignments for Moravian College a decade or two ago I took some photographs of the statue of Amos Comenius that stands on a pedestal on the administration building’s front lawn. In one shot I framed Amos's face with the leaves from a nearby tree. Naturally, Dr. Linda Heindell, dean of the college, asked me to make her a framed print because the image immediately brought to her mind The Green Man and his associated mythology.

Now the Celts, according to Professor Richard Redd of Lehigh University, made a big thing of this mysterious image, and in time it was was passed on to Christian art largely from their influence.

"You might find The Green Man peeping through acanthus leaves on a Roman sarcophagus," Dr. Redd told me in an email, "but you would more likely find him carved in oak on a choir stall in England."

A more recent representation of The Green Man, above, is that of of Frank Palmer Purcell, arisbe on Live Journal, reflected on the window of The Rain Forest in New York's Central Park on our expedition last Saturday.

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