John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Titles of Nobility Are A Dime A Dozen

Ludwig Von Beethoven was notorious for his nobility pretense, so it occurred to me that I might as well dig up one of my own.

I corresponded in America and in Europe with various Palczewskis (which is the original spelling) and learned that one of our ancestors back in the XV century was Mayor of Crakow. Also, a Palczewski was included in a roster of the Polish Equestrian Order, in a footnote in the two-volume "Historical Sketch of the Rise, Progress, and Decline of The Reformation in Poland," by Count Valerian Krasinski, published in London in 1840.

Another Palczewski in Germany reminded me that in those days a noble title was easily purchased, and she suggested that our Mayor certainly had the means, motive, and opportunity.

Ah, well.

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