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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Comedy or Farce

Elizabeth Jean Joyce, my mother at two, obviously unhappy with the situation. She appears in a better mood with her mother’s aunt, Bess Greer, on what looks like a small farm out in the country, or maybe it’s just a large back yard.

This morning I did a Google Earth tour of various places in Youngstown where my mother, and then I, grew up.

Virtually everything has changed. Houses torn down, leaving vacant lots. Wide bands of highways with cloverleaf exits and entrances replacing single-lane roads. No evidence remains of my mother’s family, no hint of their passing. Just these photos, a few of which have brief captions on their backs. The rest are unnamed strangers.

I’m the only one left to write the family history. It won’t be a very long one, but obviously much of it I’ll have to make up.

Haven’t decided yet what kind of ending I'll give it.

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(Deleted comment)
Hello, I surfed into your journal earlier on today and am revisiting tonight (I'm in the UK, hence the time difference). I like this post a lot. I particularly like the lower photo of your mother and her great aunt. She looks much happier there, being allowed to pet the chicken. (Perhaps she has some grain in her bucket to feed to the bird?)

There's some lovely detail in the photo. One can get a sense of time and place in it.

I'm currently writing a book (which might eventually be on CD rather than printed as the photos will look better on a screen) teaching people how to restore and colour old family photos, which is probably why I'm drawn to these.

Treasure them. They are lovely. As for making up your family history, if you have a few old photos, you can probably find clues in them. I've found a lot of clues from my own family photos, from the most surprisingly 'plain' photos, too.

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