John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Street of Crocodiles

Yesterday afternoon and evening I was held fast by four superb films, back to back, on Sundance Channel. They were "Flight of the Red Balloon," "Alone in Four Walls," "Confessions of an Innocent Man," and my favorite, a 21-minute stop-motion film entitled "Street of Crocodiles."

Based on scenes from a novel by Bruno Schultz, Crocodiles is a mesmerizing, surreal presentation that I like to think might have been the result of an alien god breathing life into a collection of Joseph Cornell shadowboxes. It made me rethink my empirical vs. theoretical dichotomy discussion of a few days ago; now it's between the empirical vs the wholly ineffable. Like, totally beyond theory.

It's a short masterpiece. Part II is below the cut.

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