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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Mysterious Metaphors

The other day I encountered this piece entitled “Getting Ready,” by English artist Valerie Erde. It's arresting and mystical, and so are the others in her collection. I see them as a quiet celebration of the ineffable, perhaps an evocation of the mysterious metaphors of the Polish writer and artist Bruno Schultz. More paintings as well as a biographical sketch appear in Valerie's Redbubble gallery, linked to her name, above.

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You're welcome. Your work is compelling, and it deserves exposure!

Lordy that's wonderful, surreal in the true sense of the world, way realer than "reality".

It's no small comment on the extent of my cynicism that I immediately thought, "Oh, someone photoshopped a picture of a dancing woman from behind."

In an attempt to crush this persistent cynicism, I will admit that upon discovering that it's "only" a painting, that I envy the vigor of the form of the centerpiece. I imagine that my jaded sentiments might actually be construed as compliments, as few artists can convey the sense of real liveliness inherent in this piece without retreating to egregious software abuse of real, living human beings at work and play.

But I am old and you are young, and I speak a barbarous tongue.

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