John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

A Happy Ending

From my Italian photo archive, above: Oil on canvas, in the Chapel of Soccorso in Forio d’ Ischia, by 16th Century painter Cesare Calise, representing the Holy Trinity, as well as Sts. Monica, Augustine, and Nicolas of Tolentino. Augustine’s book is his “Confessions,” and the inscription on Nicolas’s pages proclaims, “Praecepta patris mei servavi,” I observed my founder’s laws.

This morning thumbing through Spinoza’s Political Treatise, I encountered this:

“Whenever…anything in nature seems to us ridiculous, absurd, or evil, it is because we have but a partial knowledge of things, and are in the main ignorant of the order and coherence of nature as a whole, and because we want everything to be arranged according to the dictate of our own reason; although, in fact, what our reason pronounces bad, is not bad as regards the order and laws of universal nature, but only as regards the laws of our own nature taken separately.”

Now, I take this as encouragement to keep digging deep into my past, and examining every unearthed pottery shard, every bone fragment, so as to fully understand the forces, both good and evil, that have shaped me. And most especially what empowered me, finally, to overthrow my tyrant.

I realize my memoir has, after all, a happy ending: Here I am, still alive.

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