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John Palcewski's Journal

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Red-eyed Rabbit Redux

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(Deleted comment)

Re: The Evil Bunny cometh...

Yes, and his name is Beelzebunny.

I think the only appropriate thing to do here is to show you my glowing-eyed Minsky icon. :-)

Looks like he/she/it knows something we don't know.

He is an outstandingly intelligent cat. My lodger refused to believe he was as bright as I said, so Minsky decided to demonstrate. He led the lodger down an alleyway between two sets of back gardens. In one of these gardens, there was a dog. Minsky positioned himself close to the fence so that the dog could see him; the dog, naturally, started barking. Minsky then moved along to another garden diagonally opposite, where there was another dog. He did the same thing. Then he went and stood between the two dogs, so that they could see each other. Then he ran off just out of sight, leaving the two silly dogs barking their heads off... at each other.

And he turned round and gave the lodger a look as if to say, "There. Now tell me I'm stupid."

I think that's quite a fine, ruby-eyed bunny. Hee!

The odd thing was that the animal did not respond to either my movement or the camera's flash. But then I was shooting through the glass of the sliding patio door.

Rabbits are strange creatures. We had a wild one that used to visit our garden and steal the bird's bread. It got very tame, very friendly. I did a drawing of it.

Your rendering captures the strange sense of rabbitness perfectly....

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