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How Did You Come To Know Me?


How the heck are ya?? Just getting back from [redacted] for the winter. [redacted] had double their normal amount of snow (which is 52") this past winter and [redacted] was under normal, but there was still a lot of snow for skiing. El Nieno (spelling???) pushed everything south and east.

Are you still in New York or did you go back home to Europe?

I didn't make Rayen's 50th class of 59's reunion last year, but I heard some disturbing news about me that you shared with others!!!! Some of our classmates who talked to you said you knew me when I stole cars!! Boy do you have me mixed up with someone else. I never stole anything!!! I wonder who was stealing cars that you identified as me???

Have a good day,


* * *

To: [redacted]

Well, they also had to have told you that the guy I described back then was named [redacted], not [redacted]. Who by the way was a drummer in the Rayen Band. And had a well-equipped wood-working shop in his basement, and who built me a nice walnut base for a record player I'd put together. We stole Chevys whose owners left the ignition switch vertical when they took out the keys at night, which would allow us to just start it up and drive off.

One evening we stole the car of Marcia Bender--daughter of Rayen's biology teacher--from the lot at the Jewish Community Center. We rode around for a while, then parked it a few blocks away and went back to the Center and watched with great amusement when Marcia discovered her car missing. We enjoyed knowing nobody would ever suspect US, since we were right there.

Our car stealing spree came to an end when one night a guy came running out of his house as we were starting up his car, and we ran, but the guy caught me. [redacted] got away. The guy was going to call the cops on me, but I struggled to escape. A passing car stopped, and a guy got out and asked what was going on. He identified himself as having a connection with the Youngstown Police Department, and suggested that the guy let me go, since no harm had been done.

Anyway, sorry that I've caused you embarrassment. [redacted] is a mystery that nobody I talked to from Rayen was able to solve. You'll recall, however, that in our earlier email correspondence I mentioned that I knew you by that name, and your photo resembled the guy I knew back then, but you never commented on it.

You should also keep in mind that in telling this story I included myself, which of course makes me a car thief a long time ago as well. As a memoirist I'm seeking to simply tell the truth as I remember it. But of course the possibility exists that I imagined the whole thing. A mystery.

P.S. If you aren't (or were not) [redacted], then how did you come to know me? What do you remember about our friendship? Were we in any classes together?

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