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John Palcewski's Journal

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Child's Play

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Beautiful children! Thanks for this glimpse into their lives.

It's extraordinarily pleasant sitting here at the PC, laboring on the memoir, when through the screen of the patio door comes the sound of these laughing, happily playing children!

These are just wonderful pictures. The first one in particular is just ... amazing. I'm not a photo snob who goes on about "photos telling a story," but I have to say it seems like this picture does. But without trying to, none of that pretentious crap.

Just an awesome photo.

Incidentally, where were these shot? Is this NYC or Italy?

Thanks for your comments, glad you found the images of interest. They were taken with a telephoto from the window of an apartment in a small town of Pennsylvania (about an hour and a half from New York) where I'm holed up while peddling my book and deep into the writing of another. I'll return to my home in Italy in about two or three months.

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