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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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It's Me!

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Well... this is me.

And this picture doesn't really tell you a lot more than yours does. :-)

Well, the green saree brings to mind the red one worn by Ravi Varma-Princess Damayanthi, as she was talking with Royal Swan about Nalan.

That is a very lovely image.

I have a red one, too. I don't tend to wear them with the authentic choli, though, as I'm not one to show off my midriff. I wear more western-styled tops with them, one or two of which I have made especially to go with the saris.

The photo I showed you, however, tells you nothing at all, because as you can see it's staged. (A friend wrote a comic novel in verse which involved a mongoose wearing a sari, and, since he knew a Mongoose, he asked me to pose for it. This is why my long hair is tucked out of the way; it's so that the animal's head can be easily superimposed on top of mine.) In real life I would obviously not be using a parasol in the house, and if I'm wearing a sari it almost invariably means I'm going to a concert.

That the image is staged says this is how you wish to be seen, or how the photographer wishes you to be seen. From this point of departure we venture into the unknowable. Odd that I go there often, given my deep intolerance of ambiguity.

Definitely the way the photographer wanted me to be seen. I thought it was a good - albeit paradoxical - complement to your shadow image for that reason.

For myself, I don't care for staged images. I prefer to look as I am, and I prefer to capture other people as they are. Here is a far better one:

Not at all flattering, but here I am, you see, being myself, and here too is Charles being his extremely radiant and lively self, and if you look at this picture you will be too busy seeing a beautiful friendship to be concerned about whether either of us is particularly attractive to look at. :-)

There is chemistry between you two, that's for sure! As for staged pics, here's one of me and three Orthodox clerics in New York not too long ago, after our most successful expedition to the Central Park Zoo to see the Snow Leopard(s)...

That's a lovely photo. You all look very relaxed and happy.

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