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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Felice Anno Nuovo

Just a quick but heartfelt note to say thanks for the supportive comments you've been sending my way the past several months, and to extend to everyone my very best wishes for a productive and happy new year. --John Palcewski


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you too John, and thank you for sharing your images and writing... I don't comment much but do watch and try to follow along when I can...

Peace Happiness Prosperity Harmony

i may be visibly silent, often...
but i thank you for sharing your visions and texts with me.
i feel honoured.
the 'new' year looks dark...
with few stars to break through and lihgt mine evenings...
(but thank you for providing a few more.)
.love is life.

Thank you for sharing your writing and your kind thoughts. Happy new year! xoxo

Quei babbo natale sono buffi, ho visto un paio anche qui' a Firenze.

La vetrina, con il tema di viola e' bello. Cosa fai per capodanno?

Thanks for your comments. Yes, it's funny and what's ironic is that the owner of the shop is an expatriate American who has been on the island for about 20 years. As for what I'll make on New Years, well, if my luck holds out perhaps another illustrated story.

"As for what I'll make on New Years, well, if my luck holds out perhaps another illustrated story"

And our luck as well ;)

Have a happy and healthy new year.

Now I feel bad. I was asking "what are you DOING for new years?"

Asking what you will make for New Years is a much more creative question though, a lot less mundane!!

I've been here over three years and my Italian still sucks, so not to worry! For me holidays don't exist, I just continue my usual routine of writing, Photoshopping, taking long hikes with a heavy camera bag, etc., etc.

Sorry to hear about the theft. It IS a psychic violation that tears the fabric of one's sense of self. Was it by a photofinisher?

I don't know if I updated about that. I have concluded that he may not have actually stolen the pictures. His nervousness was something that bothered me, and caused me to see the situation worse than it was. I appreciate the concern.

Hey, what connection do you have? I am thinking of signing up for ALICE, but I'm worried that maybe there is something better out there that just hasn't been marketed.

The guy at the computer store talked me into signing up with Telecom Italia's "Modem ADSL B-Quick," which gives me a relatively high speed connection (there is a faster one available from TI, but costs more)at a flat rate, which means unlimited use. It's about as reliable as Libero, the one I used before. Which means that once or twice a month it stops working for a couple hours. Patience! That's what I need to work on, and this country is helping me more than it knows.

thank you

i very much enjoy reading and seeing your works



for you too John, that very recently i discover or we met in this digital jungle
Good 2003

What a beautiful self portrait! The scripture seem to say "Alchemistry", that's how your creations work! :) I'm not commenting much but your refined prose is always real delight; and whenever I have a related experience the psycological verity is striking...
I wish you, too, that the New Year is fruitful and satisfying!

i haven't said much for a while, but i'm here. i love that second photo, with you and the camera in the mirror. tante belle cose to you in the new year!

Thanks, and my best wishes for the coming year!

That second picture is one of the most strikingly beautiful shots I have seen you post so far since I became addicted to your LJ. Thank you for brightening my days with your pictures and words.

As always, I deeply appreciate your comments...and my best wishes for the coming year.

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