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John Palcewski

But Is It Art?

Sundance Channel did it again yesterday with "Waiting for Hockney," a riveting documentary about a guy named Billy Pappas who spent eight years working on a super-detailed pencil drawing of a Richard Avedon photograph of Marylin Monroe. The details are literally microscopic, resulting in a work that is at first glance stunning and then becomes oddly repulsive when you move in close with a magnifying glass and see pores and a single hair growing out of a mole on Marylin’s skin.

Pappas hoped that famed painter David Hockney would open the doors of the commercial art world for him, but it was not to be. In the years that followed Pappas received no commissions, and went back to bartending.

The documentary leaves the ultimate questions of what is art and who is an artist up in the air. There are no answers, but we wish there were.

Pappas’s site can be seen here.

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