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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Eye on the Prize

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This is a great pairing of title with photo.
I'm enjoying your photos very much, thanks for posting them.

I really love the sheepdog photo too. Now I want a sheepdog to live with me. I should post a photo of my dog, Callie, who's a Portuguese Water Dog -- she's like a mini-sheepdog.

The sheepdog's owner is an architect who lives in Malibu, near Johnny Carson's beach house, and said he refused a commission from Barbara Streisand "who is a micro-manager totally obsessed with details." He told her he'd be happy to help with some of the design of her contemplated new mansion, but not commit to the whole project. Currently he's shopping around a children's book he authored. Great dog, great guy!

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Catching Rattlesnakes

He may have started by looking at the cute hot babe's upper thighs before I arrived, and got down to her toes by the time I clicked the shutter. I saw those legs a full two blocks away, and like the hypnotic power of the Sirens' song in the Odyssey, I was drawn to go closer and closer.

Now that we're on the subject, Bloom in Joyce's Ulysses associates music with sexual desire and concludes that "music hath jaws" which women use "to catch rattlesnakes."

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Re: Catching Rattlesnakes

Glad to have been of service!

What happened to the sheepdog and the architect?

Scroll down, it's still there.

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