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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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In A Tree, On The Ground

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A tiny animal seems so unprotected. Were did you find this poor creature? And how did you manage to take a picture of it?

The chipmunk was in the middle of a leaf-strewn path through the woods, and it seemed lethargic, slow to move, which gave me the opportunity to bend down and get really close with the camera. On an odd impulse after a series of shots, I reached over, picked it up. It squeaked, then bent its head and bit me on my upper forefinger, but not hard enough the break the skin. I let it loose and it disappeared among the leaves. Very strange encounter. Usually chipmunks are fast as lightning.

Thank you very much. Your description is as interesting as the photo of the chipmunk itself. Actually it was a very strange encounter. I have always been of opinion that chipmunks are bigger, but this one is so small.

Love the chipmunk. I am amazed at how you got such a great closeup.

As I explained above, it was an unusually slow chipmunk!

And such a beautiful bird against the tree and the sky!

I saw the Great Blue Heron fly over and perch on the branch, and I wished I had a longer lens!

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