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John Palcewski's Journal

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Till Death Do Us Part

This couple from Australia, on an extended European Grand Tour, said they would marry when they returned to New South Wales, and of course I extended to them the same advice I always give folks who are about to wed. Which is, best to have the ceremony in the morning, that way if things don't work out you haven't shot the whole day.

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They look absolutely adorable. :-) Though I worry about her trousers; they're very pretty, but how do they stay up?

Yes, but a better question is why should they?

Because tripping over your trousers and falling flat on your face is not sexy. Next question? :-)

Whereabouts in NSW, I wonder. I think I could make an educated guess.

They didn't say. Would I be correct in perceiving an Aboriginal influence on their clothing? Or are their outfits just a random hodge-podge?

At first glance, the colours are vaguely reminiscent of the Aboriginal flag ... but not really. No, they look to me like counter-culture people from somewhere like Byron Bay (near here).

PS The designs are not Aboriginal; more like hippy.

Hippies! Ah, those were the days!

Weren't they!

For some around here, they still are. :) Even into new generations, as you see.

Gorgeous...and YOUNG. My God. They made me ache with envy.

“They made me ache with envy” – Exactly so! This is just what I was thinking about while looking at the photos. They seem to me so young and happy.

My first impulse, on reading your words of advice about marrying in the morning, was to laugh out loud: so I did!

Well, that's how back in the day when I shot weddings I got the nervous bride to loosen up. Another thing that brought satisfactory facial expressions for the photography was to repeatedly tell her, "You look absolutely fabulous! Gorgeous! Beautiful!"

Of course, they are both very beautiful; and photos are great, and as an after thought, I wish them as great a time together as the photos are showing....

That's funny - I have the same skirt, or similar, to the guy's!

You know, now that I think of it I have never worn a skirt. Not even in my wild, crazed, and drunken youth! No doubt I would have, had the opportunity presented itself.

Gorgeous couple! Aaah....to be young and in love. Sigh....

Spanish playwright Pedro Calderon de la Barca said, "When love is not madness, it is not love."

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