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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Anche i gatti sono buoni e belli.
Cats are also very kind and mysterious. Are all these cats also italian? The picture of the cat's shadow is particularly well done.Undoubtedly, any of these cats has a soul, heart and mind.

Yes, all these are Italian. The Calico, shown scratching her chin, creeping down the wall, and then in shadow in the window, was mine and we were very close. One day she seemed lethargic and jumped up into the sink and sat there for a while. Then she went outside and just died. My landlord's brother took her to the vineyard, and buried her so as to nourish the grapes. A year later I ate some of those grapes. Also, when I'm in New York I go to the wine store and get a bottle of Ischian D'Ambra to give to friends. In that way my dear little Pushi lives on.

It's incredible story of life and death. A bunch of grapes has always been a symbol of blood. Poor Calico! The cat’s shadow at the last picture seems to me – after I have read your description – her poor shade or ghost.

That first cat is really beautiful. Nice shot.

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