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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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What a great speaking voice you have!

really nice little meditation on solitude-I also enjoy solitude but I am not antisocial-peace

Ah, NOW I understand. That's not solitude; or only if people were the whole of life — that's being at one with the all. In the moments when we can do that, we are not alone but with every other form of life present. (Or indeed, present with every other form of life.) What a gift, to be able to do that often!

Most of the time, most of us are very limited in our thinking and feeling, as if humanity were the only real or important life form, and as if other beings could not communicate.

And actually ... one needs solitude to achieve this state. :)

I totally agreed with you, my friend. At this moment I'm enjoying my solitude, even if I have my son in the same room, using another notebook. But the solitude is certanly a state of mind, a mood you have or you feel despite the fisical proximity of the others.
We miss you... This is a kind of solitude caused by your fisical absence. Luciano is always asking about you and when you'll be at Ischia again. I don't have answer but reading on your LiveJournal we have the illusion to be all together, in the same room, at Ischia.
A presto amico mio.

Our being "together" even if there are two wide seas between us is not entirely an illusion, my dear friend! Technology makes it possible for us to be connected with anyone in the world, most especially by way of emails, texts, videos, etc.

I will return to Ischia the moment I sell one of my books. This may be within a few months, or a few years. In my advancing age, I am learning acceptance and patience.

Please convey to Luciano my best regards and holiday greetings. Please keep me up to date on his progress as a performer...he is a lad of GREAT talent, just like his father!

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