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John Palcewski's Journal

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Thanksgiving In New York 11-25-10

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Wonderful! I'm impressed by the mirrors with the sea, maybe a reflex of an old islander subconscious :)

Yes, that's an eye-catching building facade, an indication of how technology is moving at a nearly blinding speed! Who could have imagined such a thing just 10 years ago?

By the way, the background music is that teenaged Asian violinist who sent me one of her audition CDs. Do you remember me coming into your shop and playing it for you? Your response was a single word: "Perfect!" I smile now at your irony, which I missed at the time. But nevertheless I couldn't wrap my mind around how such a dull, ordinary teeny-bopper could be so musically expressive.

Sure, I "perfectly" remember the episode and I'd still have a copy of that CD somewhere. As you know I don't live at my address anymore, but by my mom, she's alone. Unfortunately my dad died the past July after a short disease and I didn't leave his home anymore.
BTW I have a concert of mine with a good violinist recorded at Basilica Santa Maria di Loreto, I hope to post something the next days so you'll be able to download or listen to our performance.

Maestro, I'm so very sorry to hear of your father's passing. Perhaps it's a blessing that his illness was short.

Yes, please, send me the video. I would love to hear your performance! As always.

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