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John Palcewski's Journal

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Lucky To Be Alive
Quite tired after my New York Thanksgiving expedition and a long bus ride, I had a serious lapse of attention on my drive from the terminal that very well could have killed me.

When I took a left turn from Avenue A onto Airport Road, I thought I was in the proper southbound lane, but then approaching headlights made me realize with a cold sweat that I was actually in the NORTHBOUND lane, going south against oncoming traffic. A single car whizzed past me, honking wildly.

It was too narrow to do a U-turn, so I decided to risk driving over the concrete mound that separated the northbound from the southbound lanes. (The map exaggerates the distance between the lanes.)

It was a rather low-lying mound and I heard only a slight bump on the undercarriage as I rolled over it. As I drove along—now going south with traffic instead of against it—I looked at the instrument panel to see if there were any damage alert lights.

This certainly would not have happened if it were daylight, because cars would have been stopped at the red light as mine turned green. But late at night on a holiday, the intersection was deserted.

I drove home without further incident.

Thanksgiving! Lucky to be friggin’ ALIVE!

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wow. lucky escape there

I've never been religious, but at certain times I get the sense that someone or something out there may be looking out for me!

Very scary, yes. One of the reasons I never drive in NYC -- not even in the outer burroughs.

The best time to drive in Manhattan is on Christmas or New Year's Day, before noon. It's a ghost town.

I've driven exactly once in NYC. It scared the shit out of me, and I resolved never to do it again. There's really no need to -- it's got great public transportation options (although frequently you may need to bring a book. :-) )

Oh thank goodness the street was nearly deserted - Glad you made it safely through!!! *shudder*

Strange, but time seemed to slow down when I was in the wrong lane and despite the fear I found myself thinking very clearly, going from option A, a U-turn, to option B, going over the divider. Then when I got on the other side, I felt a great surge of elation, and I imagine it was somewhat like what Dostoevsky must have felt when he was bound and blindfolded, awaiting death by firing squad, and then hearing a guard say his execution was a ruse made by the Czar who just wanted to teach him a lesson.

The most logical conclusion, then, is to accrue a huge gambling debt that you pay off with a classic that you've written in three months. I think part of the deal might be that you have to fall in love with a prostitute somewhere along the way, but you'll want to check on that one first.

If you want justice, go to a whorehouse. If you want to get fucked, go to a lawyer.

This would have made a fascinating split screen dashboard video/live google map. I think you have had enough rehearsal, lets go for a "take".

Too bad I didn't think of grabbing my Flip and documenting my seeing my impending death in the approaching headlights, and then finding a way to get out of it!

(Deleted comment)

Re: One-way street confusion

Yes, that's a high I can do without. I see it as a beneficial wake-up call. From now on, I gotta pay more attention to what I'm doing.

Yikes!! How terrifying!

Such an event wonderously focuses the mind.

Hugs and glad you are safely ok!

Many thanks! That actually turned out to be my lucky day.

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