John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Lucky To Be Alive

Quite tired after my New York Thanksgiving expedition and a long bus ride, I had a serious lapse of attention on my drive from the terminal that very well could have killed me.

When I took a left turn from Avenue A onto Airport Road, I thought I was in the proper southbound lane, but then approaching headlights made me realize with a cold sweat that I was actually in the NORTHBOUND lane, going south against oncoming traffic. A single car whizzed past me, honking wildly.

It was too narrow to do a U-turn, so I decided to risk driving over the concrete mound that separated the northbound from the southbound lanes. (The map exaggerates the distance between the lanes.)

It was a rather low-lying mound and I heard only a slight bump on the undercarriage as I rolled over it. As I drove along—now going south with traffic instead of against it—I looked at the instrument panel to see if there were any damage alert lights.

This certainly would not have happened if it were daylight, because cars would have been stopped at the red light as mine turned green. But late at night on a holiday, the intersection was deserted.

I drove home without further incident.

Thanksgiving! Lucky to be friggin’ ALIVE!

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