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John Palcewski's Journal

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Like a Bird

Happy New Year!

A brave—or foolish—man leaps off the 59-foot high Cavour Bridge in Rome. One news feed claims the event occurred “this morning,” but another says it was “part of traditional New Year celebrations, January 1, 2010.”

Images via AP

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Lovely! They've got good form, too... :)

This qualifies as one of those things that I so profoundly would never want to do, that even if I were a trained diver and had the skill and ability to do such a thing, I wouldn't consider it. I stop short of judgmental disgust, though, when I think about this diver, since that kind of reaction seems like something someone like me should not have.

Yes, live and let live is a worthy philosophy. As for me, even though I've flown thousands and thousands of miles in airplanes during my long career as a journalist and photographer, I would NEVER consider sky diving. Nor bungie jumping.

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