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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Opening Gala in Oslo: Slave Chorus from Verdi's Nabucco

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Impressive on several levels.

The comments section of the YouTube sheds additional light on the rationale for the staging...

orclaboy: what is this? costumes of the world? wage slaves? casting call for a construction company? Lovely voices though and the smoke was a nice touch.... I guess in Norway, with the long winters the imagination runs rampant, when one is snowbound around the hearth...

ssiquest: the choir was put together with people who built the opera house..

merqury5: Those people are few of us who contributed to build this place. Some chose to dress in our national costumes,which are unique to each county.

orclaboy: Thank you for the explanation merqury5 - I guess I was being a bit flippant, my excuses... I did recognize some of the Scandinavian national costumes, but had a hard time jiving that with the hardhats, now I know they built it, and am very moved! amazing!

Yes, I read that. I hope the audience realized all of this -- I assume they did. Really nice, very dramatic.

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