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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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One of my first assignments as music/drama critic for the Lexington Herald was to review an operatic recital by Anna Moffo at the Carrick Theater on the campus of the University of Kentucky. After about two minutes of her singing I lost all pretense of objectivity. Her Caro Nome was absolutely breathtaking, the best I’d ever heard.

Like a star struck teenager I went backstage afterward to let her know how much I loved her performance. I slowly bowed, and air-kissed her white-glove-clad hand. Later I wondered if doing that was appropriate, or a faux pas. But then she’d offered me her hand, palm facing downward, perhaps in response to the adoration that shone in my eyes. Clearly it would have been rude of me not to give this gorgeous, stunning diva the tribute she fully deserved.

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I'd never heard her before - she's incredible! Thank you!

Those were the days, my friend, We'd thought they'd never end! Glad you enjoyed her transcendent voice.

Yes, I agree. I love how delicate her voice is.

Io di solito non post nel blog ma il tuo blog mi ha costretto a, fantastico lavoro .. bella ....

Mille grazie per le gentili parole.

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