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John Palcewski's Journal

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No Faces

Yesterday I threw several books in my satchel and rather than drive I walked a couple miles to the library to return them. The sky was perfectly clear, the temperature was an agreeable 70 degrees. I expected to feel elation that winter had finally passed, but a harsh, empty quality of the light made everything seem alien, as if I were suddenly thrust into one of an infinite number of alternate universes. There is no home here, I thought, nor familiar faces. Actually there are no faces, not even mine.

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I thought the same thing a few days ago when I went out to take pictures of early spring signs of life...the light was so thin and harsh...sunny or no, it drove me back inside. :/

It's a curious phenomenon, that light. Wonder what causes it.

same here

with flu & all spring just doesn't seem real yet, we are still in our winter slumber. The skies seem to heavily hover over us, and frighten us to go back indoors and toast our booties near our burning wood stoves. Isn't march supposed to go out like a lamb?

Good point. I think it doesn't matter if March goes out as a lamb or as a lion, just as long as it just GOES!

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Some days you feel connected to the world and its people, other days you do not. Solitude is neither bad nor good, it merely IS.

I agree with the "certain parts of Mexico" photo referral. I'm currently battling a stuffy noise from all the weather changing going on in my area. One day is sunny and eighty degrees, and the next day is rainy and in the forties. I walk a lot, too. It's amazing what you see and wish you hadn't witnessed.

Interesting (to me at least) that despite the relative unpleasantness of my walk in the anemic but at the same time strangely harsh sunlight, I don't regret witnessing--or recording--it. WITNESS, by the way, is the title of my memoir, my excavation of ancient bones!

weather into the 70s? That alone would set off a bit of euphoria for me. I think I would've pulled up a chair some place and napped in the sun. Then I could enjoy the warmth without looking at the odd lighting :)

Don't worry, it'll be hot weather soon enough.

Sure hope so. I'm tired of running in sub-freezing weather. And it's snowed again today! (just little snowflakes that better not stick)

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