John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Hard Time


The cuties used to be cheerleaders at Rayen High School. These days they run around with the bad boys, the outlaws. The kid on the left is deep into cocaine, both as a user and a dealer. Between the cheerleaders, and at far right, are Mafia Dons' first born, who hope someday to become made men.

The bald-headed one is Tommy's step-brother, Ralph, out on early parole from Ohio State Penitentiary, where he was doing hard time for armed robbery. There's something about him that makes the dark-haired girl swoon.

She told her friend the other day there's absolutely nothing like fucking a guy who hasn't had sex with a woman for two years. It was the first time she got it in the ass. Ralphie likes it that way. And now she does too.

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