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Breaking News
Joyce's Ulysses is overrated!!!!! Except one episode. Maybe two or three.

Who knew?

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Oh, I love that Telegraph list of 50 books! Thanks.

"11 One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

Like trying to get to grips with seven generations of your Colombian exchange student’s family tree. "

On a community I participate in, someone posted an excerpt from Lady Chatterley. Many of us had thought it sounded like badly written fan fiction porn. Then there was a huge folderol about "You just don't appreciate his significance" and blah blah. No, we do. But that doesn't mean the writing is any good.

I really am trying to get through Ulysses. I started reading it while visiting Dublin, because it seemed like the pretentious thing for an English major to do. Although...is it less pretentious if I kept glancing at the Cliffs Notes I'd tucked into my jacket?

Forget Cliffs Notes and turn instead to a book written by Stuart Gilbert, a Joyce contemporary and high intellectual, who in working on a translation of Ulysses into French discerned the entire "scheme" of the book as being entirely based on The Oddysey.

Gilbert bravely went to Joyce and laid out his analysis, and Joyce smiled and nodded, said yes, he said yes! Gilbert then wrote out the complete analysis, along with titles for the various "episodes," and it now stands as the elegant "key" to the novel, which makes everything lucid and clear.

Its title is "James Joyce's Ulysses," published in 1955, and is still available in Vintage Books paperback, and I've studied it over the years as much as I've studied Ulysses itself.

Here's a link to Amazon: http://amzn.to/frMc4p

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