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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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To amuse myself yesterday I walked to the creek with my Flip. Movie making uses a part of the brain that’s quite unlike the part used in taking still photographs. Creating even a short coherent visual narrative is a challenge. Especially if you want to make it appear effortless.

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Nice...now that they've announced they're discontinuing the Flip, I've been seeing them go on sale here and there. Half tempted to get one though I don't really know what videos I would want to be shooting since I have no pets or kids.

Learning to put together mini-movies with the Flip takes some time, which requires patience, which is probably why they're discontinuing them. Its great benefit is that there's no telling what crazy stuff you may run into. Like being at the naval air station at Lakehurst, NJ, when the great Nazi blimp Hindenberg slowly comes in during a light rain....BOOM!!!! Get that Scotty! Oh, the humanity!!!

I think also that mini-movies are being recorded by things like cell phones and cameras so people are less willing to carry a separate device.

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