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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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To amuse myself yesterday I walked to the creek with my Flip. Movie making uses a part of the brain that’s quite unlike the part used in taking still photographs. Creating even a short coherent visual narrative is a challenge. Especially if you want to make it appear effortless.

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Back when I still had commercial TV, one of my Irish setters was watching a nature program on public television with me.

She was sitting regally upright beside me, face forward, at any rate, until the sound track of the African veld replaced the narrator's voice over. She hopped down, dashed around behind the TV, nose to the "wind", sniffing frantically, then began to quarter the living room, dining room, and connecting bedroom, tail up, using her outdoor cover-the-distance, find-the-bird gait.

(I had an entire line of good-nosed bird dogs bred from a field trial champion I bought right after college graduation and bred to near my retirement a few years ago, until the last female I'd kept got cancer before she'd reproduced, so I'm not sure which one it was, now. It would have been back in '74 or '75.)

What a constant source of joy the animals in my live have been!

That's adorable. Must've been fun to see :)

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