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John Palcewski

Not At All Related

During my walk this morning I made a couple dozen images. Some thoughts came to mind, not at all related to what I was photographing. For instance:

Normal people want to succeed for what it brings them--a nice apartment or house, a new car, clothes, a good marriage, etc. It's all above board, direct, uncomplicated. You see them all the time on TV. They're smiling, relaxed, comfortable, absolutely sure of themselves, because they came from a nurturing family, with a wonderful dad and mom, and brothers and sisters, all of whom did well in school. Some moms and dads have connections at CBS, NBC, ABC, or the cable networks so these privileged folks have a sense of belonging, they really do. Those who do the hiring look for precisely these kinds of people.

People from broken or abusive homes, on the other hand, have motivations that are hidden, indirect, and deeply complicated. They are never naturally relaxed, comfortable, absolutely sure of themselves. They have an overwhelming sense of being alien, outsiders, always other, and thus never feel they belong--even when they get hired.

The point is, they get great jobs because they’ve learned how to ACT like normal, privileged people. Their acting is not just passing, or average. No, they’re Academy Award-level performers. Movie stars have the luxury of doing a scene many times before the director says, “That’s a print.”

We have only one take, in real time, in front of real people.

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