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John Palcewski

War Hero

This is one hell of an interesting day. A brilliantly-conceived surgical military operation, with no Americans wounded or dead, even though one of the two helicopters used in the operation crashed and had to be destroyed so it would not fall into the hands of foreign intelligence.

On Morning Joe an hour ago some former Bush II flunky said, “This isn’t about politics, or Democrats or Republicans.”

Yeah, right. That little clown can’t stand it that his fellow Republicans have just been cut off at the knees and gagged and won’t be able to attack Obama anymore, on any level. It won’t work. Like Ulysses S. Grant after the Civil War, Obama’s clear-cut, unambiguous victory in taking out Bin Laden has just made him a GOD in the eyes of the American people.

Plus the boost in American morale just might lead to a surge in the economy, which will further Democrats’ standing and political superiority.

Obama now has the upper hand, and has at his disposal what is now the most powerful bully pulpit any president in recent memory has ever had. He can now freely push the Democratic agenda, and pass legislation that he and his fellow Democrats could not before.

The Republicans better get ready for all the stuff the Commander in Chief is about to shove down their throats.

Now Obama has to drive down the price of gas, and set in motion the machinery that will create a lot of jobs. If he does, guess what? The election for him will be absolutely guaranteed. It probably is already. But now he has license and POWER to aggressively push his agenda. No telling how great his accomplishments may be in the coming months and years.

With this perfectly executed military mission, Obama has demonstrated beyond doubt that in addition to his formidable steel-edged intellect and command presence, he has real balls. Nothing like the ridiculous and phony cotton-stuffed codpiece George Bush wore on his fake aircraft carrier landing, with that banner that said—no, lied: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Balls, yes. And authentic courage. Among the options was bombing Bin Laden’s compound. That would have been the safest, lowest-risk thing to do. But Obama chose the more dangerous, more riskier option.

Imagine the embarrassment if both helicopters were shot down, and all the Seals were captured and led shackled and blindfolded through the streets of the Pakistani village to the local Al Queida headquarters for interrogation and torture.

The Republicans would have literally HOWLED. Not in outrage, but delight, with exuberant joy that the darkie had blundered. Badly. Which is what you’d expect a darkie to do in such situations. Right? Right?

End of rant. As you were. Carry on.

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