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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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High Dynamic Range II

Here’s another HDR photo. Again, below the cut are three exposures that were merged to form this image.

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wow put this way, it feels like i need an HDR. any suggestions in a lower price range?

well after minor research it appears that there is not yet a single-image HDR camera, its post exposure. in june 2010 there was an article about creating a camera that can generate HDR photos in-camera, cannon was conducting this research. I couldn't find a name for the the-projected model or any further news. so my new question: do you know anything about in-camera HDR technology of late?

No, I haven't seen anything about an HDR camera, but I'll bet when one is produced the price will be way up there.

Now, the limitation of post exposure HDR is that you have to make bracketed images on a steady tripod, then download the three into the HDR program. Also when you do scenics you have to wait until there's no wind, thus no movement of tree branches.

But for interiors and architectural stuff it's worth the trouble.

This is the relatively inexpensive program I just got and have been messing around with for the past couple of days.


I'm impressed! Both those photos look really natural.

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