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John Palcewski's Journal

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Mystery Visitor

A site meter reports that my Live Journal has been visited forty-one (41) times since the 13th of May by someone from IP 95.108.158#, which is San Leandro, sixteen miles from San Francisco. One recent visit was for 40 minutes, with twelve different page views.

I have no clue who this is.

I’m dying of curiosity. Anyone have any suggestions???

Site Meter

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i want to make this point at least once a month. i've had a chronic visitor with similar patterns from austin, texas, for the last year or two. DYING to know. stupid sitemeter.

Sitemeter is innocent. It's just doing its job. The anonymous and apparently obsessive lurkers are the ones I wonder about!

Wow! That's wild! Isn't there a way to track down more info about IP addresses?

Spooks Know, But Not Me

I'm sure NSA or the CIA or some of the other gadzillion US Government spy agencies could get the height, weight, hair and eye color, occupation, sexual preference, and political party affiliation of my anonymous lurker!

Re: Spooks Know, But Not Me

There we go!! Not to mention wallpaper, carpeting and favorite spices of said party!

That makes sense because I just can't imagine anyone making that many visits over such a long period of time.

But how did it start on my LJ, and what's the purpose? How come my anti-virus programs didn't spot it, eliminate it?

Ah no, it's not a malware bot, it's an indexing bot for a (minor and obscure) search engine. No viruses involved =) It's probably not operating optimally to make so many repeat visits, but it may have previously classified your site as one that changes frequently and thus should be revisited regularly to keep the indexing fresh.

Interesting. I presume this means that if I have some LJ entries on the subject of bread making, or an obscure Polish artist, and the bot indexes them, then someone using a search engine to find out about bread making and obscure Polish artists, my LJ entries will be among the results?

Mystery solved, many thanks!!!

Damn. That's not nearly as cool or dramatic as I'd hoped.

Absolutely. The truth usually sets me free, but this time I'm rather disappointed!

Oh, well.

Does it tell you their address, or just where they are? That's sketchy. How well can the average person identify someone by their IP address?

Free IP Address Locator

You can get a free IP address locater here , but it provides just a general area, like a town or city, not a specific address or name.

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