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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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La Piazzetta, Forio d' Ischia

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The last one a shock when you see it in it's entirety but very beautiful! Thanks.

He played beautifully, and I hoped to see him again, but he never returned.

I haven't seen him anymore since the time you were by us. Now, La Piazzetta has a new Romanian orchestra, a fantastic Trio playing every night Neapolitan and Russian songs :)

Maybe one of these days you will make a video and share it with us?

Speaking of Romanians, I remember a woman who wore a long black dress and would not wear shoes so as to display her deformed foot, and she'd sit on the steps of Santa Maria de Loretta and wave her basket and accept donations from the tourists. One time I was sitting in Bar Roxy and I took some photos of her at the counter as she was getting a sweet roll and an espresso. She heard the sound of my shutter, and walked toward me, and thrust her basket in my face. Of course I had to drop in a few coins. I wondered how she could have heard that shutter sound from such a distance!

Is she still around? And do you know her name?

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