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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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An Editorial Comment From One Who Hardly Ever Makes Them

My gut tells me this morning, on the eve of war, that things will work out much better than we fear. Not because of Bush and the rest of the right-wing religious zealots and morons who currently run the US Government, but DESPITE them.

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It has to, doesn't it? It has to.

I really hope you are right

(Deleted comment)
Awfully nice of you to say so. Thanks.

next time you got any sort of a disease

(god forbid of course) - you hope that it will go away despite of the doctors. good luck.

Re: next time you got any sort of a disease

God save you from self-proclaimed doctors...

procrastinors and people who come up with "god save us from self-proclaimed doctors".

Re: god save us from

So be it. That at least won't hurt anyone.

procrastination by the league of nations in 1930's

didn't hurt anybody, it just delivered to heavens millions of people. good luck. enjoy. and may the god be with you for you are on the wrong side of history.

Your sense of logic is unbeatable.
Thank you for the blessing, I really appreciate it. :)

If by "work out much better than we fear" you mean that the eventual exposure of the lies and manipulations of the Bush administration will cause it to go down in flames, taking the right wing (at least) of the Republican party and most of fundamentalist Christianity with it, well . . . we can only hope.

I want some of your intestinal flora - my gut just keeps telling me "omigodomigodomigod"!

Just heard that some Iraqi soldiers up in the north of the country tried to surrender to British troops but were told to go back and wait for the war to start.

Well, it just wouldn't be cricket to surrender before the damn' war had even started, would it? Play the game, chaps!

Still, I'm a little sceptical of this report - what would British soldiers be doing up in the North? We're supposed to be grabbing the Basra oil fields in the Southeast.

Funny, I had a similar feeling. It sounds like a hell of a lot of Iraqi soldiers are planning to quietly cross over and if that's the case maybe it will all be over sooner?

I sincerely hope you're right, though I also hope the despite part of the equation is made abundantly clear to everyone in the process.

A recent conversation with my parents -- both of whom lived through more than thirty-five years of Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev -- has not helped my optimism, since they both mentioned that the U.S.'s national rhetoric right now echoes that of the USSR more than at any time that they can remember. And these are two people who have a pretty serious fondness for the U.S. for having offered an escape from that kind of society. They're pretty pissed off, to say the least.ï

As someone who grew up during the last decades of the Cold War, it's kind of darkly amusing to see my own government echoing exactly the sort of rhetoric I spent my childhood being told was anathema to our Way of Life. Forioscribe, I will trust and hope that you are right.

You know...

My thoughts this morning were almost exactly the same, barring the pinball that's ricocheting around in there and disrupting the flow. Verbatim...

Good to know some folks out there share my disappointed optimism.

Zealots are zealots, no matter which 'wing' of whatever 'party' they come from. Just because you are one or the other does not make you correct or incorrect.

i have that same feeling.

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