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A PhotoForum Exchange

Below is an image entitled “erect structure” submitted to the weekly PhotoFourm Gallery hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, with a caption by its author, Trevor Cunningham. Following comes my review of his image, and a response by a fellow listmember, Dr. Chris Strevens. (Both Dr. Strevens and Trevor Cunningham have given their permission for my reposting the exchange on Live Journal.)

erect structure

Caption: i believe john [Palcewski] made a phallic reference to an image i submitted a few weeks back (not that i'm shocked), so when i saw this tower in the middle of the zoo, i couldn't, i thought the paint job was pretty interesting as well...should i just spot remove the moon? i think it looks a little pathetic next to the large bulbous end of the tower

* * *

Review of Trevor’s image by John Palcewski:

Whenever I see a Freudian phallus I remember a joke. Guy goes to a shrink who gives him a Rorschach test. The shrink raises the first inkblot and asks, What do you see? The guy replies it's a naked woman lying on a bed with her legs spread. The next? The guy says it's two lesbians having sex. The third? Two male homosexuals having sex. The shrink says, "Obviously you see sex everywhere you look." The guy replies, "Hey, doc, you're the one
with all the dirty pictures."

* * *

To: List for Photo/Imaging Educators - Professionals - Students
From: Chris Strevens


Yes there are quite a lot of phallic symbols around us... my telephone, my pen and the sexual implications of the diesel engine are obvious and when my wife wants sex (she does not speak English) she puts her fore finger through her thumb and curled finder on the other hand. Her word is "neki" I think, which means "into". They also use the normal word "fucken" or "fuck" which is not a swear word there. I think it can also mean "rape". However the pen, the telephone hand set and the diesel engine were not invented by sex maniacs as psychiatrists would have us believe and as for the long telephoto lens...

I did have the photographic assignment once of photographing ladies bottoms at various stages of oestrous and also the human sex act. I recall we had lighting and lens problems. We also photographed the defecation process through a glass window in a toilet for the text book and childbirth and the woman's bottom during 9 months of pregnancy. It caused huge problems for me with the psychiatrists. I got the impression that the doctor and the psychiatrists are sex maniacs. I was married at the time so it did not mean much.

They thought I would be excited by viewing my naked wife, but this is quite normal for my household at the time but they could not understand why I was not excited.

All my marriages broke up because of the interference of psychiatrists as my latest one has been. I am sad.

The other symbol we are sensitive to is the female organ like an orchid and the bust. We like disc objects with points on like mountains and churches with domes. I suppose the mosque (shell - Arabic) is also a woman where we can shelter as in the womb.

Pity my latest baby died. I think it was a prescription drug that the doctor gave it and it nearly killed me too. But I do not know what killed him because he was healthy.

I am sad.


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