John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Cold Metaphor

Harry picked up his five year old daughter Alice, drove her to the efficiency apartment he’d rented on the other side of town. Wet snow was falling. After watching cartoons for a while, Alice announced she was bored. Harry said, hey, do you want to make a snow man? Oh, yes! Yes! Alice said.

All bundled up, little Alice worked hard to roll a ball of snow until it grew large enough to form a base. Then she, with some help from Harry, rolled another for the man’s mid-section. Harry found some fallen tree branches that would make arms. When it was complete, Alice said she wanted to make two more.


“Well, it will be mommie, daddy, and ME!”

The next morning Harry looked out the window at the back yard. A warm front had moved in overnight, and the forecast was for rain later in the day. Little Alice's snowman family was nearly melted away.

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