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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Photographic Experiment

This is a photographic experiment. I'm interested to know what you perceive in this self-portrait. Most specifically, what do you believe is the emotion that I'm expressing? Kind, unkind? Hostile, friendly? If I were saying a very short sentence, what do you imagine it would be?

All input will be deeply appreciated.



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Re: interesting experiment!

Well, that's the very first time in my life that anyone has used the word Christ in relation to me, other than: "Jesus H. Christ, John, what in hell's the MATTER with you?" But thanks, it's nice of you to say....

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Re: The eyes look through me, not into me...

"Where are you bound?"
Probably to somewhere in outer space! Yes, a lot of folks have suggested I tend to keep the world at arm's length. A purely defensive tactic.

You have the most amazingly-colored eyes. Beautiful, rainbow eyes.

As for your picture itself, you look proud, but that could just be the angle of the camera. Succinct, but friendly.

If I could imagine you saying anything from that picture: I just went back and looked. Can't imagine you saying anything. You look... quiet, I guess. Can I do this now? My turn!

Ignore the fact that I am in a swimsuit, what do you think of the face? Besides the fact that I am incredibly drunk with the commander of the 168th and a few others. I think I look a bit stupid, which aids me, as I've told you.

Looks phallic. Are you fraternizing? =P

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Many thanks for your comments. Have to admit that I put just a bit more gleam in them with Adobe Photoshop.

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But I'm generally an optimist! It'll pass.

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Basically I have little quarrel with how things have turned out, although I realize that warning people about what life may throw their way is often futile. I never listened to such stuff when I was young!

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Well, cut a worm in half and it becomes two worms, each crawling in a different direction!

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The experiment was related to the director's concept. I wanted to see what would happen if I focused on a particular emotion, like love, as I took the picture. Would the viewer be able to see it?

Apparently not.

And it seems to me that there's a hell of a lot more going on with professional actors than a layman like me can imagine.

But then I probably was too aware of the process--camera angle, direction, etc.--to allow my thinking of love to be as intense as it should have. There are a great number of other factors that come into this whole thing, the more I think of it...

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Your response shows that what I'm thinking doesn't quite make it to the appearance of my face, even when I try!

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Re: Context And Perception

I do admit to a pretty strong degree of self-acceptance, but I don't think it rises to the level of romantic love, as I was trying to convey! The sphere is a glass globe, part of a lighting fixture that illuminates my villa's courtyard at night...

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I'm not quite a sage, but I am quite often bemused!

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Thank you!

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Well, I've been a photographer long enough to have developed a certain confidence of outcome, but then I also know that even the most skilled photographer blunders from time to time. I think that consciousness interferred with the experiment.

Maybe I should put my videocam on a tripod, get relaxed, and then try the experiment again...see how my face looks when I think positive thoughts, and then negative thoughts...

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Yes, all of the above...at one time or another!

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The brightness comes from a camera mounted flash, to fill the face in that backlighted situation. I was without shirt, but was wearing shorts.