John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Sheriff's Department

My next-door neighbor, a US military veteran with a flag in his back yard and a patriotic sign above his front door, disturbed the peace day before yesterday as he rapidly paced his patio and shouted into his cell phone. He was in a gradually mounting rage about someone not having "THE FUCKING BALLS" to tell him something about somebody "BEFORE THEY FUCKING MOVED IN!" He went on and on, and on. At the fifteenth or sixteenth furious shouting of the word FUCKNG, I quit listening.

Then the following afternoon I caught sight of someone in my back yard, looking over the fence at the veteran’s house. He was a member of the Sheriff’s department, his hand on his holstered pistol. There were three or four others milling around. Soon one of them began a loud pounding on the guy’s back door. No shouting, just pounding.

He kept it up for a long time as the others stood by, but got no response. Finally they all left.

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