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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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But Actually He's An Optimist

“These two pictures appear to have absolutely no relation to each other,” I said, “So why have you put them on the same page of your album?”
“Because," Harold replied, "I like to challenge perceptive lads like you to find the connections. Why don’t you have a go at it?”
“All right. In both instances a scene is rendered on paper with an emulsion of silver halide particles.”
“A good start.”
“The images would appear to be autobiographical, which is to say they have more relevance to the photographer than to the viewer.”
“A reasonable assumption. Go on.”
“One is color, the other black and white. Color is literal, accessible. Black and white is considered more artistic, largely because it’s capable of more nuance, ambiguity, mystery.”
“That’s it," I said. "Now it’s your turn.”
“Very well. Graduation is graduation. No mystery here. But what follows? Careers, engagements, marriages, children, divorces…”
“And dark creatures hiding in the shade of the leaves.”
“But it opens you to the accusation that you tend to see the glass half empty.”
Harold nodded. “Yes. But I have a good answer to the charge.”
“Which is?”
“I just describe it as a glass four inches tall with two inches of water in it. It’s for you to decide if that’s good or bad.”


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Thanks, glad you liked it...

a rational analysis of the observation, leaving what one does with that fact a choice up to all who view it.
i like it very much. thanks.

Very nice analysis. I read another interesting (to me) answer to the half-full, half-empty question, which was in a spiritual context. It was "It depends upon whether you're filling the glass or draining it"

Now, that's one I hadn't seen before! Thanks.

I like Harold. If he was real I'd want to be his friend.

That ranks among the very best affirmations a fiction writer can get. Thanks!

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