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John Palcewski

In New York Paranoia Is Merely Heightened Awareness

From: Robert Delaware
To: Palcewski
Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dear John Palcewski-

Hello sir. You don't know me, but I just wanted to send you an email.

I used this website called. to file a FOIA request for Barney Rosset's FBI file.

I didn't find much of interest, except for a letter that appeared in the documents.

Apparently, back in May of 1967, an FBI agent in the LA bureau read something you wrote called, "Elegy, As If I Meant It" and found it to be obscene. The copy of Evergreen Review that it was published in was even sent to an FBI lab for investigation.

Interesting history, I guess. You can find a mention of your poem on page 47 of the Rosset files.

Just thought you might find it interesting.

Robby Delaware

* * *

Copies of my reply to Delaware's post and FBI letters below:

From: John Palcewski
To: Robert Delaware
Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Greetings, Robert Delaware!

Many thanks for sending me this fascinating material.

For many years I thought of submitting my own FOIA request to the FBI to see what they had on me, given that when I was in Strategic Air Command Intelligence in the early 60s, I needed a Top Secret security clearance and was carefully investigated by the Bureau.

It never occurred to me that they'd later red flag a harmless, mildly erotic poem! I find it complimentary, however, since "Lady Chatterly's Lover" was also something they needed to look into.

Thanks again...



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