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John Palcewski's Journal

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Moto X Camera Review

Herewith some photos taken early this morning with my new Moto-X phone. I'm in agreement with all the tech geeks who pronounce this device among the very best ever offered by anyone, but also agree that its camera is less than stellar compared to others in the same category. For casual grab shots it's OK, but it'll never come close to what my Nikon can do on a bad day.

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Those are some pretty excellent photos from a phone-camera you say is only so-so! Must be the skill of the photographer :-)

Well, I tweaked these shots in Photoshop, like adjustments to hue, saturation and contrast, etc., and in the process I discovered that they may look perfectly fine in a small size on LiveJournal, but when blown up are soft, un-sharp. But I'm starting to think that comparing them to what a Nikon does is unfair. The Moto X is primarily a phone!

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