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I'm rarely surprised these days, but opening up and reading a hard copy of The New York Times this morning was arresting. Its physicality, its tactile delight, its quietness, all took me back decades ago when it was for me a taken-for-granted daily thing, often on the downtown Seventh Avenue IRT on my way to work. I used to fold it in half vertically, so as to allow turning of pages while being squeezed by other riders, all of us swaying in unison to the rumbling and clattering.

I noted with great pleasure that in this revisitation the advertisements did not move, flash, or appear in separate little pop-ups that hid their delete button. No, I could quietly read without any distractions or annoyances.

And, as a former newspaper reporter, I noted that the Times headlines had subjects and verbs, and rarely used numerals. A great contrast to the utter bullshit that appears on sites like Salon, The Huffington Post, Politico, et. al.

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I savored the return to an ingrained ritual. First, I found and discarded all the advertising supplements tucked in between the sections. Then I removed Education, Sports Sunday, Sunday Business, Automobiles, Real Estate. I stacked them carefully into a pile.

Which left me the front page, Arts&Leisure, Travel, Sunday Review, Sunday Styles, Metropolitan, Book Review, and the Magazine.

Ah, yes. The faint scent that emnated from the pages was a combination of paper pulp and ink. I remembered long ago the ink would smudge on your fingers, but nowadays it's firmly locked and withstands page turnings.

But that scent!

It evoked getting lost in the page turning, and close reading, and re-reading. Vivid memories of Sunday mornings in Manhattan, with coffee. In an apartment with a view of the George Washington Bridge. Being there was utterly splendid. Wonderful. I'd often think: How lucky could one be, anyway? Actually living in the greatest city in the world!

By the way, if you're wondering, here's an analysis of why high fashion models always scowl, and it's by--Surprise! Surprise!--the New York Times's own John Tierney.

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