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John Palcewski's Journal

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Two Views of Sisyphus

Two views of Sisyphus, by Angie Reed Garner.

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Lucky you if you own those, or even lucky you if you are viewing them in person!

You're absolutely right, I AM lucky. Angie Reed Garner sent them the other day and as soon as they arrived I framed them and hung them in my office. They SPEAK to me!

View #2 my brain says, "Lift with your knees!" No wonder he suffers eternally... lifting isn't so bad if you do it right... & spine injury is FOREVER.

Camus claims that embracing the absurd--rolling a boulder up a mountain, for example--implies accepting everything the unreasonable world has to offer. Without a meaning in life, there is no scale of values. "What counts is not the best living but the most living."

Maybe that includes a spine injury!

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