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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Shoot Me!

Long afternoon conversation at La Piazzatta with Oscar, a talented photographer from Ischia Porto. We look up. A young bride and her father stroll along, a most interesting pair. Oscar grabs his camera bag. He asks the father permission to photograph them. The man grins. “Si!”

He and the bride sign Oscar’s book of model releases. The couple then proceeds down the street, heading for the Soccorso chapel.


I have no choice but to follow with my own Nikons.

Suddenly Oscar raises his hand. His fingers are bleeding. The father and bride are concerned. How did this happen? He must have gotten a cut from a metal clip on his camera strap.

“Shoot me!” Oscar says.







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This one really put a huge grin on my face. Kudos.

Thanks! You shoulda seen the grin on MY face as I watched this engaging spectacle unfold.

you've captured expressions, moods and the faces of people with histories of curiosity in their pursuit and search for the zest of life in the moment.
thank you. d

Thank you. It's precisely this Italian zest of life that keeps me in this beautiful country!

What fun! I love the third one of the father and daughter, their expressions are perfect and Oscar is adorable in that close up shot.

Frankly, I thought Long Tall Sally was entirely more adorable than Oscar!

Well yes, she's pretty cute too. *wink*

I love the father of the bride. He looks like a serious party animal.

I love the pictures and the story!

You really do put a bright spot in my journal readings. It's always so much of a delight to come to your entries.


Re: I love the pictures and the story!

Nice of you to say so! Thanks. Glad that my work brightens your day...

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